Theft Statistics

The Computer . . . . The Most Stolen Item in the Country.

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There is a growing Black Market demand not only for computers, but for swapped out internal parts, like chips, drivers, memory, etc.. Many universities, corporations, and government facilities are reporting losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Others are reporting millions of dollars of losses. The most disturbing aspect is that only 5%-15% is due to forcible entry, while 85% to 95% is due to internal theft.

Because most theft is internal, conventional alarm systems and card access systems are not effective. You need to find a computer security product that can protect equipment 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


So What Happens to You When Your Computer is Stolen?

wpe33.jpg (770 bytes) Reloading all your data

That is if you still have access to it. Thieves often grab any software they can find around the target computer including your backups.

wpe33.jpg (770 bytes) Down Time

Imagine the problems you would face if you walked into your computer lab or office tomorrow and found that your computers or internal circuit boards were stolen. How will you finish your projects on time?

wpe33.jpg (770 bytes) Replacement Costs

Replacement costs which deflate your department's budget directly affect raises, improvements, and equipment purchases. Even if you received a discount on the initial cost of the computer(s) - now that they are stolen, you still need to replace them.

wpe33.jpg (770 bytes) Insurance Hassles & Deducts

Who wants to deal with lengthy insurance claims. Insurance companies will want to depreciate your equipment and software. How will you be able to prove how much your information is worth, and who will pay for your time to reconstruct your lost data?

wpe33.jpg (770 bytes) Possible Negligence Suit!

Is a Financial Officer, Government Project Director, CEO, Medical Director, Legal Director, Security Director, Investment Broker, or Accountant that loses Confidential Data, Trade Secrets, or Engineering Data, liable for a loss; particularly when they have not taken steps to properly secure the computer?

Statistics show that 1 out of every 14 laptops is stolen, and that over 2,000 computers are stolen every day in this country. A computer is stolen every 43 seconds.

We can help. For peace of mind, use the order buttons above to explore our on-line shop, and protect your computer today!


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