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STOP Tag is adhered to equipment that you want to protect. Once adhered, it takes 800 pounds of pressure to remove the tag. If the security plate is removed, a tattoo is displayed on the casing that states "Stolen Property" and repeats an 800 National Recovery Number.

It is easy to order on-line.   You will see that we offer free gel for quantities of 10 or more STOP Tags, and we also now offer special packages for 100, 300 and 500 Tags.  It is easy to order on-line, but if you want to order by phone, you can call always call us at  303-670-8800 M-F 8:30am-4:30pm MST.

Don't forget to check out our FrontdoorSoftware product. It combines the idea of the STOP Tag with information protection and software tracking. And it costs less!  By turning the monitor into your own customizable virtual asset tag, the FrontDoorSoftware product helps you display more recovery information, prevent theft, protect your valuable and confidential information and data, and even track it using high tech Wi-Fi triangulation tracking and Google maps.

STOP Tag Security Plates

Price per Unit

        Tag Security Plate STOP Tag Security Plate
Choose this item if ordering 9 or fewer Tags. Installs in 30 seconds. Perfect for Laptops and other equipment. Protects 24 hours a day. Unbelievably simple.
Price: 25.00

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Tattoo Activating Gel Tattoo Activating Gel
You need this if ordering 9 or fewer Tags. Tube includes 3 grams, and can adhere up to 10 plates.
Price: 3.00

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        Tag 10+ w/ Free
        Gel STOP Tag 10+ w/ Free Gel
Select this item if ordering  more than 10 Tags. You will automatically get the correct amount of Tattoo Activating gel for free!  Quantity price breaks at 300 and 500. Need over 5,000 tags? We love you!  Call us for pricing.
Price: 25.00
10+ :   15.00
300+:   11.00
500+:     8.75

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Plate Customization
Have your plate say "Property of ..."
One-Time Set up Charge. (Minimum 200 plates)
Price: 250.00
and add $1
extra per plate

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STOP Tag Computer Security System

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