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The World Computer Security Corporation is a subsidiary spin-off of Minatronics Corporation, a company that has been in business since 1961.

Minatronics Corporation started as a security system company that provided commercial and residential alarm systems, closed circuit TV, card access and central station monitoring services. In 1986, the president of Minatronics Corporation was approached by Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh to help CMU protect the university owned computers that were beginning to be installed in 24 hour computer labs all over campus.

Ed Wilson, the president of Minatronics Corporation invented the LightGard detection system to help Carnegie-Mellon University protect the college-owned computers located on their campuses. Because Minatronics was also an alarm installation company for CMU, they not only manufactured the LightGard product, but they also installed and monitored the security device. This added "after sale" experience helped Minatronics strive to make LightGard not only difficult for a thief to defeat, but easy to install, and false alarm free. To the best of our knowledge, Carnegie-Mellon University has had no thefts to date among the over 5,000 pieces of equipment protected by the LightGard system, and continues to order new systems every year.

Word of mouth spread, and over the last several years, hundreds of universities and educational facilities across the country began using LightGard to protect their PC computer labs. Now LightGard is being used internationally by thousands of satisfied customers in educational, retail, government and commercial industries.

Over the last few years, LightGard detectors have dropped in price, making LightGard cost effective for protecting a single computer. Besides computer equipment, the highly versatile system can also protect virtually any valuable item that can be secured with a 1/8 inch diameter Fiber Optic Cable, like retail display equipment, audio visual equipment, and medical equipment.

The World Computer Security Corporation was started by Ed Wilson's daughter, Carrie Hafeman, to market the LightGard computer security product. As laptop theft and information theft began escalating, the company has added many new additional computer security items to provide customers with different types of options that can meet not only their needs, but their budget.

The World Computer Security Corporation caters to educational, corporate and government organizations. Because of the large quantities of products that we purchase, our unique relationships with our manufacturers and our use of e-commerce technology, we try to provide computer security products to consumers at a lower price than any of our competitors.

In fact, all of our products are priced for less than you could purchase it if you went straight to the manufacturer. (Remember, if manufacturers always under cut their distributors, they wouldn't have any distributors).

Please save our web site to your favorite folder. If you know of a great product, and we do not carry it, please tell us about it by using our contact button above.  We are always adding new products, and always updating our prices to make sure that

We can provide you with high quality
computer security products, from top
manufacturers, at the lowest prices on the market.



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